Building the Future: Designing for Sustainability.

A celebration of biophilic design, The Address delights in bringing alive people’s inherent love for nature. A high performance building, from design and construction to maintenance and operation, it minimizes the environmental impact on our planet. Every eco-friendly element and practice is implemented – as certified by our LEED Gold Rating!

Driven by a sensitivity to people, the surroundings and the city, the office complex is designed to be energy efficient and save on running costs while establishing a landmark address that we’re proud of.

With a future forward approach in implementing all that is sustainable while creating agile offices, The Address raises the bar when it comes to transformative work spaces. The building takes into account the environmental and economical aspects as well as the topography and weather of the city.

In the manner it is designed, it aligns with the greater good of the city, community and earth— not just for today, but for generations to come.

Living Buildings

The Facade

Enjoy natural light without experiencing Chennai’s tropical heat even during sweltering summer months. In accordance with LEED Gold specifications, the facade is designed to effectively reduce heat gains. The low SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) glass keeps the inside of the building cool.

The façade’s Low U-Value glass with low refractive index reduces the infrared and UV light that comes through the Glass while allowing in natural light from all sides.

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

The Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) STP system in the building uses an advanced water treatment technology that produces high quality, Low TDS, treated water. It is then treated with UV to ensure PH Balance is maintained in the building

ZERO Water Discharge Design

Our sophisticated on-site wastewater management system ensures that all water is treated, recycled and reused. This is incredibly important in a water deficient city as Chennai.

Treated water is reused for flushing and landscaping, ensuring that water is conserved and smartly used in the building.

STP treated water is purified through a sophisticated RO system to produce low TDS water that is then used in the state-of-the-art chiller plants.

Rainwater Management

The extensive rainwater harvesting system covers 100% of the land and terrace area helping storage of surface run-off, recharging the groundwater through recharge pits and augmenting water resources
These practices raise the water table all around the campus

Efficient Water Utilization

Treated water is reused for flushing, gardening, HVAC purposes and in irrigation systems ensuring that water is conserved and smartly used in the building.

Use of Solar Power

Rooftop solar modules provide solar power for common areas, lowering the building’s dependence on fossil fuels, lowering power bills for the organizations in the complex and increasing operational  efficiency. 

Green Transport Friendly

Electric car and scooter charging points, with a minimum 40 ampere capacity, encourages the use of modes of green transport.

Waste Management

In accordance with LEED guidelines Organic waste from the building is recycled and reused as manure for landscaping. Inorganic waste and e-waste is segregated and disposed of according to statutory norms. Stringent measures have been adopted for the safe collection, storage, and disposal of all types of waste, including electronic waste. The systems for waste management guarantee that upto 75% of the total waste generated at site is recycled or salvaged.

Structural Safety Norms

The building has been designed in accordance with IS / NBC (National Building Code) norms for Seismic Zone III Stability earthquake and tsunami. It has also been designed to withstand floods and the highest levels of torrential rainfall.

Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Measures

Various measures for prevention of soil erosion are in place at the site. Fertile top soil was preserved and reapplied to the site for landscaping, in accordance with LEED Gold standard specifications.

HVAC Systems

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems in the building have AHRI/ASHRAE compliant design that is energy efficient. The chillers are equipped with hybrid technology that integrate both air and water cooled chillers. VFDs in each chiller allows for optimum energy utilisation both at low and peak AC loads. Furthermore, air handling units have been designed to ensure sufficient air changes. 

Centralised IBMS

Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS) monitors and operates critical mechanical and electrical equipment like Chillers, AHU, lighting, ventilation, power systems, water systems, fire systems and security systems. It tracks data, senses anomalies and suggests predictive and preventive maintenance.

The objective is to achieve improved security, occupant comfort, reduction in energy consumption and operating costs. This results in improved life cycle of utilities and smooth functioning of the building, benefiting all the stake holders.


A state-of-the-art, multi-tier visitor management system allows for the seamless flow of vehicles and individuals into the building. Our customised building app gives a touchless user experience to all visitors and tenants at The Address.

Besides CCTV and PTZ surveillance, App-controlled turnstiles and lifts at the entrance lobby ensures smooth access to any floor.


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