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Amenities that work for you

Passionate about creating healthy work environments, The Address provides a holistic and well-rounded approach for employee wellbeing, joy and happiness every step of the way. Facilitating interaction and encouraging individuals to embrace activity and connection, the spaces at The Address are designed for engagement, creativity and fun. Collaborative seating, an amphitheatre for community events, dynamic conference areas and eating spaces create a sense of community and network.

As a premium building pioneering workplaces of the future, every detail has been planned to increase the efficiency of the work and living environment at The Address. With the unexpected charm of cosy nooks, activity zones with multi- purpose courts, table tennis and facilities such as the gym and cafeteria, the building encourages a perfect blend of work and play.

Outdoor spaces
that encourage higher productivity and creativity


The range of amenities at The Address are all directed at creating a balanced life. Bringing connection, community and wellness together with a rich and productive career makes for successful companies and fulfilled people.

Food Court

Terrace Cafeteria


Landscaped gardens


Multipurpose Court


Indoor Cafeteria

Mini Super market

Common Conferencing Area




At The Address, we take Featherlite’s design philosophy to new heights by carefully selecting materials and finishes for our lobby and common areas. Our goal is to provide a truly remarkable experience for all our tenants. From avant-garde artwork to the meticulously planned lobby, every aspect of our common areas leaves a lasting impression on clients and guests from the moment they step inside.

Our common areas are thoughtfully designed to promote collaboration, innovation, and relaxation. With shared conferencing and training facilities, we save over 2000 Sq.Ft of space for every customer within their office. Whether you’re meeting clients in the barista area, networking with colleagues in the training room, or simply unwinding at The Courtyard Food Court, The Address offers an inviting and professional environment that customers cherish for productive work.

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