Exterior & Parking

At The Address, we’ve meticulously designed an inviting and visually striking exterior that seamlessly merges aesthetics with functionality. Our contemporary facade boasts a low U Value and DGU glass, coupled with a 2-hour fire-rated ACP, resulting in a timeless elegance that leaves a lasting impression.

We offer spacious and secure parking facilities for 700 cars and 1,500 two-wheelers, featuring a groundbreaking Multi-Level Scooter Parking Block spanning 40,000 Sq. Ft. Nestled in the prime location of the 200 Ft Radial Road, with convenient access from the service road, The Address is at the heart of Chennai’s new IT Corridor, the Pallavaram – Thoraipakkam Road.

As you arrive at The Address, you’ll be greeted by meticulously maintained landscaping and a professional atmosphere, making it the ideal location to make a lasting first impression and establish your new corporate headquarters.”

Lobby & Common Areas

At The Address, we take Featherlite’s design philosophy to new heights by carefully selecting materials and finishes for our lobby and common areas. Our goal is to provide a truly remarkable experience for all our tenants. From avant-garde artwork to the meticulously planned lobby, every aspect of our common areas leaves a lasting impression on clients and guests from the moment they step inside.

Our common areas are thoughtfully designed to promote collaboration, innovation, and relaxation. With shared conferencing and training facilities, we save over 2000 Sq.Ft of space for every customer within their office. Whether you’re meeting clients in the barista area, networking with colleagues in the training room, or simply unwinding at The Courtyard Food Court, The Address offers an inviting and professional environment that customers cherish for productive work.

Office Space & Washrooms

At The Address, we set a new standard for workspace comfort. Our office spaces are meticulously crafted to maximize floor plate efficiency, and we provide dedicated access to washrooms for every tenant.

Furthermore, our contemporary washrooms mirror our unwavering commitment to quality and cleanliness, ensuring a seamless experience for both tenants and visitors. With flexible floor plates ranging from 11,570 Sq.Ft to 62,600 Sq.Ft on a single floor, we welcome startups and multinational corporations alike to join The Address. Discover the ideal workspace for your business needs.


At The Address, we’re committed to optimizing operational efficiency and fostering the physical and mental well-being of your employees. We prioritize your safety and the seamless continuation of your operations. Our cutting-edge amenities encompass an international standard food court, a spacious multipurpose court, and outdoor facilities for table tennis, foosball, and carrom, providing your employees with well-deserved breaks.

We’ve thought of everything at The Address, from the convenience of Big Basket kiosks to accessible ATM spaces. Our dedicated prayer room and mini supermarket cater to your every requirement, ensuring a comprehensive experience from the moment you step into our facility. Choose The Address for a life beyond work, where your needs are our priority.

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